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Sustainable business practices have become an imperative in the tourism industry as travelers increasingly seek out environmentally and socially responsible destinations and experiences. While individual efforts by tourism businesses can make a difference, the true power lies in collaboration and collective action. Working together to achieve sustainable business practices brings a host of benefits that can transform the industry and create a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

Collaboration is a powerful tool for achieving sustainable business practices in the tourism industry. By working together, tourism businesses can share resources and knowledge, create destination-wide impact, drive conservation efforts, engage stakeholders, enhance competitiveness, foster innovation, and advocate for sustainable policies. Ultimately, collaboration enables the tourism industry to thrive while preserving the environment, respecting local communities, and providing enriching experiences for travelers. It is through collective action that we can build a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry for generations to come.

Meet Blue.

Blue’s global three star verification system encourages businesses to make a continuous commitment to sustainability, while celebrating incremental achievements along the way. Blue awards businesses with one, two or three stars to reflect their level of action and commitment.

The Blue Standard by Oceanic Global offers open-source resources, step-by-step auditing and consultation, consumer-facing seals and buying deals with vetted vendors to help businesses eliminate plastics and operate sustainably.

Take Part.

Blue offers a range of checklists to assist your business in achieving your sustainability goals. Visit the Blue Website to discover more.

How we’re getting involved.

Oceania Luxury Travel Co. promotes sustainability in the industry by clearly displaying the sustainability efforts of Australian regional organisations and luxury tourism operators across our digital luxury travel publication at

Our sustainability checklists for business are designed using the Blue Standard Checklists.

To enquire about adding your destination or business to Australia’s luxury travel map, please request information and apply to join here.

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