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Category: Collaboration

Jun 13
Blue Standard | Sustainability Verification

Sustainable business practices have become an imperative in the tourism industry as travelers increasingly seek out environmentally and socially responsible destinations and experiences. While individual efforts by tourism businesses can make a difference, the true power lies in collaboration and collective action. Working together to achieve sustainable business practices brings a host of benefits that […]

Jun 07

Dear Luxury Traveler, We invite you to participate in a survey aimed at understanding your thoughts and experiences regarding luxury travel in Australia. At Oceania Luxury Travel Co., we are committed to promoting exceptional luxury travel experiences that cater to the unique desires and preferences of discerning travelers like yourself. We recognize that luxury travel […]

Jun 07

Dear Australian Luxury Business and Tourism Sellers, We are reaching out to invite you to participate in a survey aimed at gathering insights and opinions on how the luxury business and tourism industry in Australia is represented online and your thoughts on industry networks. Your valuable feedback will provide us with a better understanding of […]

Jun 07

Dear Australian Destination Marketing Managers, We would like to invite you to participate in a survey designed to gather insights and opinions on how Australian destinations are represented online. Your valuable input will help us understand the current state of destination marketing in the digital realm and identify areas for improvement. At Oceania Luxury Travel […]

May 03
The benefits of working together in Destination Marketing

Collaboration and working together in destination marketing can bring several benefits and advantages. Here are some key benefits of working together for destination marketing: Overall, working together in destination marketing can bring significant advantages by leveraging collective resources, expanding reach, diversifying offerings, and creating a stronger destination brand. By collaborating, destinations can achieve greater marketing […]

Apr 03
The benefits of affinity marketing

Affinity marketing, also known as partnership marketing or co-marketing, involves collaborating with complementary brands or organizations to leverage shared target audiences and create mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. This type of marketing can bring several advantages to businesses. Here are some of the key benefits of affinity marketing: In summary, affinity marketing offers a range of […]

Aug 24
Reading: Partnering by Jean Oelwang

Book Spotlight: “Partnering” by Jean Olwang Jean Owelwang, Founding CEO and Trustee for Virgin Unite and a B Team Leader. She sits on the Advisory Council for The Elders and the Boards of RMI, Just Capital and Virgin Unite. An inspirational leader we share Jeans new book; Partnering Are you ready to unlock the power […]